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Is there a dialer app that can enable/disable proximity sensor during calls?

My android phone's proximity sensor is very erratic when it comes to calls. Thus I want to disable it through the dialer app. I want the screen to remain turned on during calls. I have tried apps to recalibrate the sensor but nothing works so I will just disable it during calls. Does anyone know any app with that feature?

boudy rifai
if you have root and xposed framework there is an app for disabling proximity sensor

Benny Bosser My YouTube channel: AAC (Android App Channel). Check it out! 😊
You can use sensor disabler combined with Tasker. You'll need root and xposed for that 😉

abhishek pandey
Which app you recommend for full call screen

Kutsan Kaplan
As far as I know you can't change core dialer app without root.