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AppHunt will not be supported anymore

It has come to my attention, thanks to @key6 that the developer of AppHunt has ceased the continuation of this. No more updates will be released despite its great potential and its many discrepancies. With a little bit of work this app can serve as a beacon to inform those that are confused what app to pick due to the mess Google has created in the play store. Curated applications are a necessity if you consider all the developers that want to be heard in the play store. It's a competitive market, I get that, but being able to share apps that are WORTH it is a great way to share the message what developers SHOULD do to create a quality app and what they SHOULDN'T do. Within the timespan of 4 months I already sensed the community feeling of AppHunt and the value it brings me when it comes to installing the apps I need and by letting people discuss over it. AppHunt should exist for more reasons than described here. Upvote this message to show you want this app to continue to exist

Panduh The Wicked™ God isn't watching and the Devil doesn't care...
How disappointing...

JorgeMF AppHunt Dev
Oh I forgot one: what do you do when people who likes the app also swears to you?

JorgeMF AppHunt Dev
I am not a fool. I worked in the app for almost two years full time and in the last year the community has started to decrease. It was impossible to live from air and I moved to a full time jobs an another side projects. So I stopped working on AppHunt and in Android in general. The community is good because it is small, I did things to make it like this (like removing the top hunters). I think in 2 years of work I have a better feeling of what AppHunt can be and why growing is not the best idea. Someone said Reddit will fall, but it is most probably AppHunt fall faster because of the same reasons. I did tried to get funding,to find people to help with the app but I failed. But it seems you know more than me and can do things better, so why not probe it? Find some devs that want to work on AppHunt and we arrange a deal to give you the code. Just bear in mind others AppHunts have failed before, so you won't be the first one to try.

JorgeMF AppHunt Dev
Problems of growing the community: - how to avoid people sharing the same apps than in the play store top charts? - how to deal with people who doesn't want rules when sharing apps? - how do you deal with spam? - what do you do with a feature that is rarely being used as the talks (the analytics probe it)? - how do you deal with devs that don't want the app here or think this is a spamming app? - what do you do with people that wanted to help you but leave you after few weeks (like most of the translators of this app)? - what do you do when people request opposite things? Seriously guys, you are only seeing the surface of a bigger thing and have no idea the work and decisions that have been under the surface.

Cid There it is
@Benny count me in