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Looking For A Good Classic Western RPG For My Android Tablet

For comparison, IMO the best is Ravensword: Shadowlands, period. Also, the other ones by the same dev (Crescent Moon) are Okay, but lacking in some respect, but are the type of game I'm looking for: *Open World *lots of Exploration *First-Person *Loot Gathering (but no "cards" to collect) >Not at all interested in any Japanese RPG I've seen yet. >No RPG On Rails, as I call those that limit you to a dev-determined path with specific goals in a specific order. >No Battle Arena type games. I've spent a lot time Googling, but still haven't found what I'm looking for. Thank you

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Minecraft. OK, just kidding. But sorry, I don't really play very many games, but I've probably seen 18 Googleplexillion when searching the Play Store. Also, Minecraft seems to fit all your needs if you get a western mod or something. Just saying :p

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Also: Single Player, Offline