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Unofficial Xposed Framework for Android 7.1 Nougat

Also, officially, some custom ROMs will add Xposed support (different story on

TiTiB ......TiTiB (tweak it 'til it breaks)..... Galaxy Tab S | SMT-T700 | klimtwifi
A WORD OF CAUTION, that they did not originally have on the thread, MAY (probably wiill) BE UNSTABLE. I tried it out and it mostly worked. Some of my favorite modules worked just fine, some buggy, some not at all. In short, proceed with caution. I ended up uninstalling.

TiTiB ......TiTiB (tweak it 'til it breaks)..... Galaxy Tab S | SMT-T700 | klimtwifi
@Tapamalya I finally gave up on it after a few days of continuous instability. I *do* have it as subscribed thread, though, and check up on it every few days...with fingers crossed. 😉 I must say, though, that I have pretty much moved on from it, and have found non-Xposed apps that provide same functionality. The best one (it "replaces" Xprivacy) is AppOpsX by zzzmode. There is post in AppHunt, but here's the Play Store link: Read my review to see my thoughts on it. 😉

@TiTiB I use LOS 14.1 Privacy Guard. Works pretty nice. And yeah, fingers crossed for Xposed.

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F**k yeah!!!!

@TiTiB Same for me. Works fine at first, but crashes a lot of other apps.