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what is this pwa directory?

I stumbled on this on Twitter. Did a little research (i.e. not much) and decided to ask you all about it? Is this a good find? Hmmm? Or no?

TiTiB ......TiTiB (tweak it 'til it breaks)..... Galaxy Tab S | SMT-T700 | klimtwifi
I don't see it. 21 JULY @ 9:25 PST 🤔 15 hours after you posted it.

Jessica I'm Appdicted 😶
BTW: A little off subject but the developer of AppHunt is a fool. Yes, I said it... I don't think he or they quite grasp the huge gap in Android apps, CSI, Internet knowledge in general. You can easily find a forum filled with Androidians or Die Hard Applecores but it's almost impossible to find one with snobless people. An actual community. I know next to nothing but I know a lot more now because of this community. It's extremely rare to stumble on a group of people who were born with a computer in hand who have patience and class without making you feel dumb. Reddit wouldn't have it. But Reddit will fall, guaranteed. Plus you have those in my age category who just took to computers, like they probably did in math. Hey, I have my BA, I took Statistics (twice) so I'm not discrediting myself that much BUT this is undoubtedly a rare find. Brains & Manners. They needed better marketing, better sales strategy. Because this is a goldmine. Then again, maybe I'm way off.

Key6 Apphunt's child resident
@TiTiB you will die happy if you watch this video

Key6 Apphunt's child resident
I just posted a stupid talks' post, so go watch the video before it's taken down 😂

TiTiB ......TiTiB (tweak it 'til it breaks)..... Galaxy Tab S | SMT-T700 | klimtwifi
@Jessica Didn't even know that could happen 😐