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Deviantart for Dummies

I apologize for bringing yet again another bs "talk" but honestly you guys know tips and tricks on everything. I AM READY TO PULL MY HAIR OUT! Yes, I Google it. Yes, I went to the site Help and emailed them. Yes, I watched YouTube videos. But everything is outdated. How do I delete a post (pic, journal entry, etc.) on Deviantart? I'm beginning to believe it is impossible. If anyone knows how to from either the app or web Please can you let me know.

You just go to specified pic/entry page and hit "delete" (next to "Edit" button), then you have to give the reason of deletion. At least with desktop/mobile site. No idea how it is with deviantArt app.

Jessica I'm Appdicted 😶
@Key6 I figured it out. But thank you for responding.

Key6 Apphunt's child resident
I've never used Deviantart, but whenever I join a new community the same thing happens to me. So don't feel lonely 😂