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What is your favorite Android launcher?

I'm expecting an explosion of "Nova Launcher"'s, but with Apex being supported once again, it would be nice to know what your opinions are.

Lightning launcher is Novas biggest competitor for me, it's literally as powerful as Tasker if you know how to script. Nova is enough for me, and has a much better layout, but Lightning is for the extremely advanced users. For productivity freaks, tui launcher may be the best. It's a Linux terminal or something which requires no skill. Ex. typing AppHunt opens AppHunt, or you could do "calc" ex. 5*9 or something like that. You can also do "call" ex. Steve to call Steve, but I mean Steve is annoying and nobody likes him so I don't know why you'd do that.

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Smart Launcher. Simple but effective...

Quick tip for Nova users, go to the settings, then hold down the volume down button for a Labs menu. Everything there is basically useless except implementing weather on the Search bar, though. For Smart Launcher users, go to the preferences, then tap and hold "Version Info" for Developer Options. Haven't found any others yet.

Buzz Launcher's great, but, unfortunately it uses far too much battery life for me. It's customization is higher than Nova, but the battery life ruins it.

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The more I use, and actually figure out it's wide range of functions, the more I love Nova. Always trying out different ones, though I always go back to it.