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Free Package Disabler for unrooted users

A bit ago, I shared an app called Adhell (awesome app by the way). It blocks ads on Samsung devices, mind you WITHOUT ROOT OR VPN. I was astonished when I found it. And, another note, it's in the Play Store. Wow. But recently they made an extra change to it: a Package Disabler feature. You know Package Disabler Pro, which costs 1.49? Well now it's useless, as Adhell has it built in. I still recommend supporting policedeveloper (creator of the original package disabler), as he was the first to make it then others stole it. Therefore, you're taking money from apps that use advertisements, and the creator of Package Disabler Pro who made it a paid application originally. I know this wouldn't stop anyone but I just wanted to say that. And by the way, it works without root, and it's the only nonroot Adblocker to work without a VPN in my knowledge.

Just realize I mentioned twice that it doesn't need root or a VPN. I was a little tired...