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Future of App Hunt (Feedback Requested!)

Hello App Hunters! My name is Ray and over the past week, I have had the chance to engage in long discussions with Jorge, the creator of App Hunt. As you may have noticed, App Hunt has not been updated in 8 months. This is because Jorge is currently working two jobs and does not have time to develop this app. Hopefully this app can be saved by making some changes. I have planned an updated app discovery process so there are more new apps each day. We may also remove some less used features such as themes or bookmarks. Please help our development process by answering two short questions: 1. What would make App Hunt 10x better? 2. What feature in App Hunt, if changed, would make you quit using the app? Thank you for being part of the App Hunt community!

erica joi Icon pack addict
Are the themes really that much more trouble than they're worth? I like switching mine up (huge shock coming from the icon pack addict, I know). I definitely don't use the bookmarks, though. I guess I didn't understand the point of them... If I'm interested in an app, I check it out immediately. If I'm still unsure & in a crunch for time, I bookmark it in the Play Store. The app description bit is another good point that @Key6 mentioned. Ever since the update that copies the dev's own description, rules like "no caps lock," etc put the onus on us to "fix" the description... Not my favorite part of AH. Apart from those small details, the rules were what created such a bounty of awesome. The stupid Top Hunters thing incentivized people to share so much crap, and I hope I never see it return. My actual suggestions: 1. Higher character limits in the comments section. We're passionate & personally, brevity has never been my forte! 2. How about something like my App Wars ®?

Key6 Apphunt's child resident
Well, Erica does have a better point than I do. Top Hunters did encourage people to share garbage. At least the garbage wouldn't get too high on the list, because the AppHunt community knows what they're doing. And yes, the rules are extremely important. Some are a bit too much, but if there weren't the download limit rule, we'd have GO apps everywhere. *shrugs*

erica joi Icon pack addict
OK, here's what I mean about App Wars (if it isn't already obvious): Maybe over a 36 hour period, a topic is chosen. Like browsers or something. Everyone gets to throw in their recommendations. The top votes are then announced. From there, comments for each will get down to the nitty gritty: how & why X shines, and how & why the other contenders fall short. The AW specifics can obviously be adjusted, but you know what I mean, right? I basically already do this on my own for apps I struggle choosing one of (like note apps). But, lacking clones of myself, I use Pro Con to weigh each one individually. Maybe I'm just shirking my work on you guys, but come ON! Who doesn't want to watch an app bloodbath??!

erica joi Icon pack addict
@Ray That's why I love this community! No one that I know personally can talk about apps for more than a couple minutes without their eyes glazing over. The whole point of having these great devices is to see what cool s*** they can do to improve our lives. There's no greater feeling than finding a new app that completely changes how you use your device. Most people I know obsessively buy the best phones on the market, only to use them to take pictures and check Facebook, and it's such a WASTE!

Ray Li Feeling like a password.
Let me start the discussion by answering my own questions: 1. More new apps please! When I refresh the app list, I would like to see new apps and less of the apps I have already tried. 2. Comments and the community. Being able to talk with other users about apps is what makes App Hunt so great. I would also love to see the ability to message other users and developers!