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Thin smartphones or larger batteries?

I was wondering what you guys would prefer, a thinner smartphone or a slightly thicker one with a larger battery? For me, I feel like the benefits of a thin phone don't compensate having a larger battery, so I wouldn't mind if manufacturers started making slightly thicker phones again in favor of added battery What do you guys think about it? 😊

Key6 Apphunt's child resident
I would go for the battery, thinner phones are almost always only used for looks, which is a waste of a phone IMO. As long as it's not incredibly thick, I don't need a thin phone. I only need something with a nice battery life, good camera, and easy feel. My first phone was an s6, and I don't know if you've had it, but it's battery life is literally unexplainably horrendous. I could go hours ranting about how the battery would only last like 2 hours, with less than 100 apps installed (I don't use many social media apps, and I don't have very many friends so I don't need 50 texting applications). Once I got my next phone the battery was revolutionary to me.

Jessica I'm Appdicted 😶
I might be completely wrong but I figured they started making them bigger because thin phones break easier. I would think they could compress any battery size. No?

Large, removable battery. The largest possible but small enough to fit in the pocket.

Omega SMG
Battery. No hesitation

Benny Bosser My YouTube channel: AAC (Android App Channel). Check it out! 😊
@Jessica thank you for your insights 😊 I think they're making them thinner and lighter so the large crowd would like it. Thin phones look and feel better. Many people just use their phones for social media, texting and calling so they still get a day out of their devices. For heavy users however the move towards thinner phones with larger screens and more resource needy CPUs without an increase in battery size (I know batteries and cpu got better over the years, but my note 4 still has better battery life than the S7E or s8 of my brothers) makes it sometimes harder to get a full day out of it, so I wouldn't mind Smartphones to get that tiny bit thicker again for a better battery 😊