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Battery boost/diagnosis apps that work? (Oreo)

Are there any battery doctor/booster/monitor apps that work in Oreo? I've suddenly been experiencing bad battery drain and I'm trying to find the culprit. Naptime had no effect/possibly negative.

JorgeMF AppHunt Dev
@Key6 Greenify is not any better than the new policy of Oreo for background processes.

Key6 Apphunt's child resident
@JorgeMF Greenify definitely works. SD Maid wasn't necessarily made for saving battery, rather freeing storage, but it saves battery whilst doing so.

Cid There it is
@JorgeMF you're right. Even on Nougat greenify isn't that useful at all. I did an experiment by having greenify (donation package) installed for a month and uninstalled it for a month. The difference? 7 minutes of SOT when greenify wasn't installed. Used Gsam battery monitor to check the results.

Key6 Apphunt's child resident
I really don't want to help you due to past experiences, but since I'm a nice guy I'll do it anyways. Note that I am on an unrooted device and am unexperienced in root apps, so most of the ones here don't require root. BetterBatteryStats could help you find the culprit. Other apps that will save battery are: SD Maid Greenify A light custom launcher app A root uninstaller/a package disabler ForceDoze A firewall Then of course you could try common solutions such as lowering brightness or uninstalling used apps. You're welcome.

JorgeMF AppHunt Dev
I don't think anyone works. My best suggestion is to check the battery screen, disable the permissions of the apps and remove unused apps (and also Facebook,Instagram, twitter , etc, they drain battery very quickly). Remove first the oldest app that hasn't been updated for long time, those ones made for Android 2,2 can have a lot of issues.