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3rd Party Lockscreens, like KLCK

Device info: LG G5; android 7.0 Hey guise! I'm trying to figure out whether this issue I'm having only affects LG devices, or if it's something anyone else here has seen (or dare I say it, RESOLVED???)... So a while back I explained why having a safe lockscreen matters to me. And up until now, I haven't wanted to stray from my current configuration (fingerprint + PIN). But I bought the pro version of KLCK and was psyched to try it. When I went to disable the system lockscreen, it deleted my fingerprints. I have several apps that use fingerprint authorization, and REALLY don't want to lose that functionality. I tried everything I could think of, but I can't seem to use fingerprints unless I also use LG's lockscreen. Does anyone know whether this is an android thing or an LG thing? Several rephrased Google searches have yielded nothing :(

erica joi Icon pack addict
@Daniel Bummer :( Yeah, security comes first for me as well. Thanks for the speedy reply!

erica joi Icon pack addict
@Daniel I guess I had hoped that Kustom would somehow add secure integrations (can you tell I'm talking out of my ass? lol) for KLCK. But safe or not, losing fingerprint authorization for all my other apps is a serious dealbreaker for me.

Daniel Ridgeway
I think you bypass security like finger prints on all devices. At least i did my Samsung s7 edge with another LS app. On pixel now and have now wish to mess with my security.

Daniel Ridgeway
@erica that's not to say others will have different experiences. I just know it was a compromise on security for me on my s7 so I got rid of the lockscreen app immediately.

Jessica I'm Appdicted 😶
@ericajoi 💮🌸😶🌸💮😂