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Any music player that can automatically generate mood based playlist of local files?

Better if only local processing, with no need of internet/server layer, when analyzing all LOCAL music files. Old Samsung music players have that (using a 2 axis/4 quadrants approach). But this function is not available anymore on newer versions. Discontinued app Moodagent (latest from 2014 I believe) was completely towards that functionality, but their developers are now focused only on corporate market. There are some other old apps, but could not find any available now that can do that. This thesis gives some background theory about that: Does anyone know any current Android app that implements this? I miss it! Hey developers how about a new app for that? Thanks.

Dario Mrkonjić this maybe?

Ndkm ndkm
please try pluto smart music. and let me know how it works :) it organizes playlist based on time and weather

I've just found another app! It is not fantastic nor work offline, but is the best that effectively works I could find till now: Habu available to Android and Apple It's operational but seems no maintenance anymore and as it depends on server side, who knows till when. DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER SUGGESTION?

..... Music eScape can scan, find and process all my song files (mp3) but it does not categorize any. All songs are set as "no mood". I don't know if it is a bug or app is really not finished yet (in beta, newest release 2 weeks ago). So useless to me. Does it work for anyone? It depends on internet to do the mood analysis, server side (seems to use Spotify algorithm as it is written on it). Its "draw" playlist generator is a fantastic concept. Hope it works some day. In a nut shell till now: OK - JVC Smart Music Control COULD BE BETTER - Mood Beats HUGE POTENTIAL - Music eScape. Even better if working standalone, without internet all the time. DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER APP SUGGESTION? Please let me know. Thanks.

@Dario thanks! Last days I've been looking everywhere and could not find something closer. Your suggestion seems an option! And better, I could see related to it other apps: com.arjunk.joymix com.jvckenwood.kmc com.jvckenwood.jmc com.jk.openlink com.musicescape Now I'll try them all and later I come write my feelings. If anyone have any other suggestions they are welcome!