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Puffin Browser Pro

75%OFF SALE Puffin Browser Pro - It's wicked fast!

Zero privacy and on malicious websites or full of pops it becomes a danger tool. BUT the best in class for Android on desktop view, besides good flash support, and fast rendering. Also good for Data....set maximum compression and worst flash quality on its settings. In summary: good to have for eventual use, but not as main browser. Pro on sale is cheap now, but only difference for free version is ad. Worth for using once in a while?

Snotbob ~Has a history of losing large chunks of time to the never-ending hunt for apps~
@wilsonhlacerda Hell, I bought it just a few months ago at full price strictly for the flash player features and don't regret my purchase at all, so I'd say for sure it's worth it now. But I admittedly spend waaay too much money on apps, most of which I rarely use or haven't touched in years, so take that opinion with a grain of salt. For how little I use Puffin Browser, this really isn't a huge deal to me, but could you elaborate on the zero privacy thing?

Hi @Snotbob thanks for comments! The main point is that Puffin app isn't a browser itself. It is the render client for a "server browser" in fact. All surfing is done by its server, under Puffin's premises (in US) and under its total control. The client side (Android/Windows app) only is used to grab our commands and show us the results view (render). Thus, all your data, keypresses, fill ins, mouse / touch movements (users, passwords, typed stuff,...), surfing habits, returning data from browsed websites (banks? secret stuff? ilegal on country X?,....) are completely available to Puffin owners, administrators staff, US government,.... Besides that, as everything is done server side, we can not for instance use any ad blocking or any other kind of local device interference on what is shown or tracked by websites.