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Microsoft Edge Preview (Unreleased)

Microsoft Edge, now on Android, offers continuous browsing across your devices.

Key6 your friendly neighborhood depressed kiddo
@Krimo fairly sure it has something to do with connecting to your Microsoft account, as Google does with connecting to your Google account

Ildar Marsovich
@Key6 no, I don't)

Youssef Maher
@Key6 no need to get curious ๐Ÿ˜‘ @Ildar thanks for the share๐Ÿ‘

Key6 your friendly neighborhood depressed kiddo
do you spend half your life searching for the newest apps or something I'm actually curious

Snotbob ~Has a history of losing large chunks of time to the never-ending hunt for apps~
@Key6 Nah, he just frequents/gets notifications from APK Mirror.