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Battery Meter Overlay

Always show a small battery meter on top of screen

erica joi Icon pack addict
Now THIS is awesome. I have a battery meter app, but no matter how I tweaked it, I didn't like seeing it everywhere. This is simple, small, & just perfect :D

Phillip Jensen ;)
Agreed, excellent

Snotbob ~Has a history of losing large chunks of time to the never-ending hunt for apps~
Those of you using this app, do me a favor and keep tabs on how much data it uses over the next week. Obviously this is just a hunch, but the type of app this is + those permissions + the unknown developer make me a little suspicious.

Youssef Maher
@Snotbob for me i use noroot firewall so no problem there and you can just deny permissions it's easy or why is this feature available for android. Thanks for pointing that out anyway have a great day😊🖐